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Yep, Content Locking is the REVOLUTIONARY method of EXPLODING Your Earnings! If You have been overlooking Content Locking all the time, now it is the time to pay attention to it! Content Locking is simple, but yet pretty powerful method of generating extra income from Your website content. And when We say extra income, We mean that lots of people are making cash piles out of it! BE ASSURED!!!

Content Locking WORKS for ANYTHING and We Really Mean It!

With Content Locking You can make money out of absolutely ANY content! Your website visitors are coming to Your site, looking for the specific information it provides. Lock that information up and watch Your visitors making You money clicking and completing CPA offers, surveys and etc... It doesn't cost them anything but a few minutes to unlock the content. Be it a useful tutorial, video, music, file download.. Everything can be Locked up and make You easy money!

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How would You like sitting and watching the army of Your websites turned in Content Locked warriors, work by themselves and bringing you tons $$$?

Content Lockers are definitely the web's most important Discovery of the new millenium! It is PROVEN, if You want to make money SHOCKINGLY EASY, You should go with Content Lockers!

The Secred is UNCOVERED! The more Content Lockers You are able to operate easily and automatically, the more GUARANTEED PROFITS in your pocket! It's SHOCKINGLY EASY! There is nothing for You to invent or hard to deal with! It's as easy as setting up a new Content Locker for couple of minutes and putting it on a AUTOPILOT! From now on You don't need to setup Yourself new Content Lockers and publish them by hand! You'll never have to lift a finger!

Content Locking sounds GREAT, but You can't Operate it on More than a few Websites by hand!!!

Yes, implementing and managing Content Locking over lots of Websites can be really time consuming task as You probably understand! But hey, That's where We step in!

Are You ready for a program that makes Your manual work 100% automated, that makes You feel like You were working in the stone age by operating Your Content Lockers by hand?

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Presenting the All Mighty Content Locker (MCL)

Mighty Content Locker There are very few Content Locking solutions out there that automate certain parts of Content Locking work, but We GUARANTEE none and all combined even, will hold up to what Our software has to offer You!

It is INCREDIBLE how an Unique piece of software can EXPLODE Your online revenue in NO time!

REVEALED, the one and only software that 100% Automatically builds and operates Content Lockers! Take a minute to read over this page and see for Yourself how Mighty Content Locker can save You time, efforts, money, and energy building and utilizing Content Lockers...

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How many times have You kicked yourself for not finding the "right" software sooner? What kind of shape might Your bank account be in, if You were at the right place at the right time?

We have news for You! This IS the right place and this IS the right time. Mighty Content Locker IS the right tool. Mighty Content Locker is the next generation in Content Locking software and virtually NO ONE has it yet. That means You're on the crest of the forming wave, not underneath it.

OK, Enough! Let us UNVEIL The SHOCKING Features Our Software Has!

Easy Installation
You DO NOT need to be an expert to get Mighty Content Locker installed! Simply upload the script to Your web server and fill a form with Your details and it installs by itself! 2 Minutes of work max!
Unlimited Lockers
Just one Install of the script is needed to operate UNLIMITED number of Lockers on ANY of Your Websites! Simple Javascript code paste turns a Website into Content Locked Cash Machine!
Offers Database
You can maintain a tidy arranged Database of CPA offers from which all Your Lockers will Automatically read and display offers. You can Add single offers or Bulk Import hundreds at once!
GEO Targeting
MCL has embedded Automatic GEO Detection of all Your visitors and will display offers available to that country only! Addtionally, MCL is backed up with Automatic GEO database updating.
Referrer Blanking
MCL has embedded Automatic HTTP Referrer Blanking feature, so that You can hide the Websites from which You send traffic to the CPA offers! Noone will see where Your traffic is coming from!
Offers Booster
Need to give an offer extra attention? No worrys, MCL has an unique feature just about that! Boosted offers will automatically appear on top of all others across all Your Lockers!
Postback Option
You can make Your Lockers unlock only after a 100% verified offer completion! MCL automatically listens for a Postback notification from the CPA networks, confirming offer completion!
Themes Variety
MCL comes with really wide variety of Locker Themes to choose from. You can create custom ones pretty easily! You have the ability to make each Locker look different and unique!
Unique Lockers
You have absolutely full control over each Locker settings, design & look. There are various advanced settings You can choose from. The layout is pure HTML/CSS based ones!
100% Automation
MCL can operate absolutely 100% Automated! It pulls and rotates offers from the database automatically, it deactivates expiring offers, it maintains itself! You don't need to lift a finger!
Stats Tracking
MCL records detailed Traffic statistics, so that You know exactly what performs well and what not! Locker Impressions, Offer Clicks, Offer Completions, Countries, Websites.. all is recorded!
Friendly Interface
MCL is backed up with absolutely simple, but yet very Powerful & User Friendly Web Interface! You will NOT have any difficulties operating every aspect of Content Locking with it!
OK, OK, Let's Cut It To Here!

Let's not overwhelm Your brain reading about the tons of Exclusive features Our software has. We ASSURE YOU there are tons more We can list here, but it will become boring reading all that as well!

Let Us Tell You Something SHOCKING in Quick Instead!

We Provide all those FANTASTIC features Just in one Software program, neatly arranged into Friendly and Easy To Use Interface With FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT, FREE LIFETIME UPDATES and Now the ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING part - for the PRICE OF ONE TIME FEE!



Read what People are Saying about Mighty Content Locker

Absolutely Disgusting!
Yes, it is absolutely disgusting to see how much Revenue I have been loosing not using Content Lockers. I made $234 in my first day with MCL! I hate You guys :)
Customer Feedback
Noah, USA
Just what I was dreaming about in my hottest dreams! Since I got MCL, I am operating with an ease over 150 Lockers with it, making some really nice $$$ amounts
Customer Feedback
Jake, Canada
Just what I needed!
MCL is the program I had been waiting for! I am using Lockers for couple of months, but now MCL has completely automated the whole process for me, saving me time and money!
Customer Feedback
Lucy, USA

See what People are Saying about Mighty Content Locker

These are Screenshots of Real Customer Reviews of Our software taken out of Our Sales Thread at Black Hat World forum - the biggest & most reputable online community for Internet marketers!

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Check Out the EXCLUSIVE KEY Features from Mighty Content Locker Updates!

We update Our product with new features and additions pretty frequently and We listen closely to all Our customers to fullfill their feature requests and needs. Check out our Changelog if You like and note the time intervals between our Updates!

GEO Targeting to States/Regions and Cities - Hell yeah! As of now You can automatically target Your Offers not only to Countries, but to exact States/Regions and exact cities!

Fully Customizable Lockers - We have added ability for You to fully customize the layout of the lockers through the admin interface! Wit just few mouse clicks You can make each Your locker unique!

Wordpress Plugin - Yeah, We have developed our own Free Wordpress Plugin to let You Content Lock all Your Wordpress blogs with a complete ease, without the need to edit and a single theme file!

Locker Rotator - Oooh, Yeaah! You can set up Yourself a Locker Rotator that will automatically rotate various Content Lockers of Your choice at Your websites! Each time a visitor comes to Your websites gets random Locker displayed!

Advanced Offers Rotation - Boost Your Earnings to the ROOF with this new addition! MCL can now automatically rotate the best performing offers at all Your Content Lockers! You can choose from Clicks, Completions, Conversion Rate.. EPC even!

Phantom Mode - Make Your MCL installation totally Invincible! Never ever be discovered by the CPA Networks You are using a Content Locker script!

Blacklists - Block visitors that abuse Your Content Lockers with ease! There are Permanent Blacklists by IP Address, Browser and Site Referer. There are and Dynamic Blacklists that automatically protect You from visitors that excessively click or complete Your offers!

Conversion Caps - Stay under the radar at Your CPA Networks by automatically limiting the number of clicks/leads sent to any of Your offers for specified amount of time!

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PHP 5.3.X or higher
MySQL 5.X or higher
PHP Ioncube Loaders v4.0 or higher
PHP Curl Extension
PHP XML Extension
PHP Json Extension
PHP ZLib Extension
PHP OpenSSL Extension

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